Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm going to have several blog entries today so get ready.

I'm in a kind of hyper mood for some reason...okay so maybe I do know the reason. After getting so sick last week I kind of lost motivation to lose weight so guess what I pigged out this weekend and said I'll get back to it on Tuesday (I was off Monday) YAY for me I stuck to my word and got back on the band wagon yesterday. I hadn't weighed myself since I got sick and was certainly fearing the dreaded scales. This morning I was like just do it and face the fact that I need to work a little harder. Welllll, lucky me I've actually lost another pound(I don't know how but I'm not complaining) and I feel great about it. I was so worried for no reason at all. 12 pounds down and 9 more to go to reach my first goal.

I don't think I've mentioned that once I reach my first goal I get a prize of sorts. I've been wanting a screen for my fireplace that is about $50.00...I know that isn't really--in the grand scheme of things--that much money but it was a good prize for my first goal and it has helped me stay motivated a little more than I probably would without that prize at the end of the tunnel.

This is the screen I want and I can't wait to make that trip to Target to pick it up...

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