Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where have I been?

Well, since Monday I've been sick, sick, sick and did I mention sick. I've missed work which I really don't like doing b/c I literally couldn't get myself up and dressed much less in the car and to work. I'm feeling better today but still weak and tired. I'm alert enough to function but I'm very fortunate that I have my own office space away from the craziness of a doctors office.

Other than that we have just been in our day to day routine stuff for the most part.

Macie has become excited about dogs these past few weeks. If she sees one any where even on tv she starts making these really funny scruffy barking like noises kind of under her breathe. She doesn't like dogs if they get close to her but for some reason if they are at a distance she is okay. Nick has been Mom and Dad for the last few days...Tues. when he picked her up from school she spotted a small dog tied by a house near the daycare and started her little noise. The next day when they rode by that house again on the way to school Macie started with her little noises but this time the dog wasn't there. Smart little britches. Kids are amazing!!

It makes me miss my two doggies. We had to give them to a very loving family after we had Macie b/c Lucas jumped on us way to much so we were afraid of being in our backyard with Macie and well Leroy is a Great Dane and could have eaten us out of a house and home. I love them both still and miss them very much. I always wonder how those two squirts are doing. They became such good friends and we were very blessed to have one family take them both.

How we ended up with both of the boys......

Lucas---he was just 3 weeks old when we got him from a friend of mine b/c his mommy just didn't want to take care of him. We had to bottle feed him for a little while but as you can see in the picture he was a healthy boy after we got him and full of energy.

Leroy---we were kind of thinking we wanted another dog for Lucas to have a playmate so I started looking around and after awhile we just kind of forgot about the idea. I guess maybe a few weeks or so later Nick's co-worker told him about this Great Dane that had just come up to his house and had stayed around for weeks so they knew then that someone had just dropped him off. He was so skinny and so pitiful...he'd just whine and really all he wanted was some attention and love. Nick and I decided we'd take him...boy we were not thinking of how big he was going to be but we loved him just the same. After we got him home and fed him good and show him that he would have love and attention he turned out to be the sweetest Great Dane you'll ever meet. So laid back and easy going. Not a care in the world since he knew he was being taken care of.

I'll post some pictures of "the boys" later.

Oh how I miss them both.

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Mari said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and hope you are completely healthy really quickly! You dogs were cuties!