Saturday, November 29, 2008

I completely finished my Christmas shopping yesterday so it was well worth getting up so early. We did sleep in til 4:15 b/c Nick turned the alarm clock off but luckily we were quick and made it to Amy's by 4:30(Sorry Amy for making you wait 30 minutes on us)

Anyway, I'm super duper behind in posting pictures so this is going to be a catch up on that.

Halloween at Wild Adventures...We went to see how they decorated for Hollow Scream but were pretty disappointed when there were no scary decorations.

Macie had a fall festival at her school. We blew threw the games in about 10 minutes since she really isn't into that kind of thing yet but it was nice of them to have it for everyone.

Emma's 3rd b-day party was a "carnival" complete with funnel cake and a balloon maker to name a few. It was a gorgeous day to be outside. Macie's favorite part was Ms. Jennie giving her popcorn and getting see "Uncle" Jeremy a lot.

For Halloween Macie was a BEE...what a cute bee she was. I didn't take very many pictures(I'm not sure why) but she was super adorable. Trunk or Treat at the church was nice and I hope we'll do the same next year when she'll be ready to grab all that candy. Afterwards we went by to see Aunt Amy and her friend Ms. Freddie so they could see her dressed up...they, of course, thought she was the cutest bee EVER.

Macie's art work was featured as the first ever "Masterpiece of the Week" I may have Picasso on my hands.

Our first fire ever...this was a couple weeks ago. It was cold....probably not cold enough to have a fire but we couldn't resist. We enjoyed it yet haven't been able to do another one...Nick actually wore shorts today. Our crazy South GA weather.
Stayed tuned for my "Fantasy in Lights"/Callaway Gardens pictures.


justabeachkat said...

You're completely finished?! No way! Okay, I'm officially jealous!

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.


Mari said...

I need to pick up two things yet, then I'm done! Macie was a really cute bee and I love the picture of her in front of the fire!

Matt and Lisa said...

What a cutie Macie is! She has grown so much. Looks like you guys are having fun! Take care!

Sharon said...

Wow Good for you, You go Girl.
I know it must be a great feeling!
I too am finished, not spending alot this year, gonna hold back alittle.
Looks like so much fun!!
Thanks for sharing
Sharon :)