Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finally watched this tonight.....
I know I know I'm way behind in watching movies but this one is worth the watch.
This may help me get caught up though....Don't know if you guys have used or even heard of redbox. $1.00 DVDs. Ours is located in Wal-Mart so it is so convenient. I have to thank my friend Amy for telling us about it. Also, when you sign up just by giving your email address they will give you one free rental.
This one is ready for me to watch tomorrow night.....
I hope Larry the Cable Guy doesn't disappoint.
It was a little on the cool side here today....
I love when it starts to feel like FALL!
Macie and I woke up early and hit Chick-fil-A for our Saturday morning treat...Chicken Minis. Stopped off at hubby's work to see him for a few minutes and then headed to a few yard sales. I lost a super cheap and much wanted item and was bummed the rest of the morning. Oh well~next time maybe.
My parents are here for a visit. We went out to eat at Cracker Barrel for their delicious chicken and rice that they only serve on's mine, my dads and my sisters favorite!!
I didn't do so good by eating out so much today but tomorrow will be much better.

Still enjoying my new camera and boy does the camera love Macie...take a look

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Mari said...

Those pictures of Macie are so cute! We watched the Bucket List a few weeks ago and loved it!