Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I had to pick Macie up again today for biting another kid. I actually found out who it was this time though....ugh...I sure hate Macie did that. His mom said he walked around the house tonight pointing at the bite saying "MayMay"--her nickname. Poor baby...I hope she doesn't do it again.

Do you remember ALF?
I sure do! I was only about 5 when it started but I do remember watching it every chance I could.

It aired from 1986 to 1990

This is an episode posted today

ALF - Take a Look at Me Now

Description: Mrs. Ochmonek thinks she's gone crazy when she spots ALF in the backyard. She takes her story to a TV-show and is devastated when nobody believes her. ALF decides to make things right by talking to her again.

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Mari said...

I remember Alf. I should - I was quite a bit older than you when it came out! I had fun watching this, although I should have been doing something else!
I hope Macie grows out of this phase she's in - no fun for you!
I love your new look. I've been trying to change my look, but am not as computer savvy as you I guess.