Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finally, I'm posting all of my pics. It has been a crazy weekend. I had to work yesterday afternoon and today since we have visitors coming to the office on Tuesday. Anyway, the office had to be in tip top shape and everything needed to be in order. I certainly missed my weekend especially since I now have a sore throat. My hope is that I'll wake up in the morning and it'll magically feel better--what are the chances, right? I can dream though!

Anyway, Here are my pictures.
Wednesday--Jan. 7th
I finally finished cleaning out the hall closet today.

Thursday--Jan. 8th
I found this in the mix of all the blankets and was wondering what I could do with it so it could be seen. It was given to us as a wedding gift from Amy. I decided it would look good in our bedroom.

Friday--Jan. 9th
I got my ears pierced when I was in 6th grade but didn't take care of them as I should have and they got infected get the point. I've been thinking over the last few months I should get my ears pierced again....I finally did it! I have to wear these little earrings for 6 weeks and then I can start changing them out. And, this time I'm taking care of them.

Saturday--Jan. 10th
Nick and I went out to dinner while Amy kept Macie for us. When we got home she was just being silly and stood up on Nick's feet. I ran to get the camera but missed the opportunity. She did however start posing for me. I got some cute shots....

Sunday--Jan. 11th
On top of going to work today and not feeling so well. I made chili for supper and put the rest of it in the freezer for Chili dogs and the times when I just have to have chili but would rather not have to make it. There is also some beef broth.

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Mari said...

You've been accomplishing a lot! You'll be happy to have those ears pierced!