Thursday, January 15, 2009

I really need to start updating more frequently.

I've been sick since Monday...I started the sore throat thing Sunday night.
I feel better just still can't talk very well and my breathing is a little rough but all in all I'm good.

I had to stay home with Macie on Tuesday b/c she bit a kid at school on Monday. This was the third day.....she bit twice two different days last week.
So, after thinking about it and have many discussions Nick and I thought maybe she needed to move up to the 2 year old room. Being with kids older may "teach her a lesson" They can at least tell her no.
Well, Macie starts in the 2 year old room today. Nick had to pick her up around 2:30 yesterday afternoon for biting again. He talked with Teresa(the director) and she thought it was a good idea too. Since Macie was the oldest in her class they were afraid she'd bite the really small--like the barely 1 year old--kids. We'll see how this goes. She will also be potty trained. We have to take pull ups and several changes of clothes for them to start trying. UGH....where has time went? She is growing up too fast.


A Day in My Life said...

Hey girl! Glad that you are feeling better! I know how stressful it to have a biter! Emily went through the same thing! I know that you feel helpless! I hope that the move helps! Give Macie a squeeze from Aunt Becky! Love ya'll!!

Mari said...

Glad you're feeling better! It sounds like you are making some good decisions with Macie. When she has kids this is something you can remind her of!