Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We had a pretty uneventful weekend. It was cold so we decided we'd just stick around the house for the most part. I got everything on my list ALMOST done. I have to go buy a clear tote thingy for my earrings...Yes, I have already bought some. I can't stand the thought of just throwing them in the jewelry box so if I can find something that'll work then they will be organized for me to find easier as well. I got a few things cooked and put up in the freezer, cleaned the house....I'd like to do a deep deep cleaning soon but it can wait. I did not get any bread made...I will one day just not right now. I want it to be good so I would like a little more time to find a good recipe that will not let me down.

My parents come for a visit on Monday. Mama had a doctors appointment so while she was there Daddy, Macie and I stopped by to see Amy at work...they were not busy at all so Macie kind of had run of the house. She likes Ms. Lynn so she run back and worth between us and her. After Mama got out of her appt. we headed over to Goody's b/c they are closing and having a huge sale. I got a few things but not much since the prices aren't cheap enough yet. I'll probably go back by there in a few days to see if they've marked things down more. After that we all ate at Cracker of my fav places to eat out..then headed to Amy's to see Cooper. He is getting so big and is sooo cute! He is still in the puppy stage since he is only 3 months old so he likes to play but is so loving.

We are go to Charleston, SC this weekend...and by we I mean me and Nick. This is our first trip alone since Macie was born. I'm soooooo EXCITED I can't hardly stand it. I love spending time with him and I know it'll do us and our marriage good. Macie will be staying with Amy all weekend and my parents will probably come down Saturday to help.
Well, I guess that's all the updating I have for now. Til next time!


Liz Griffin said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, keep the fire burning, I'm glad ya'll can get away, a long time has passed Miss Macie is getting so big, have fun


Mari said...

We went to Charleston a few years ago and just loved it. Have a great weekend!