Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm a sucker for a good bargain especially if I can do alittle work to it and make it my own.

Right now Macie has dark furniture and we'd like for her to have white when we change her room out to her "big girl" room. We'll save her crib and dresser for baby #2. Beds are not cheap and add in a dresser, nightstand, etc and it can add up. Although I probably will not skemp on the dresser and such I would like to find a bargain for the headboard/footboard.
I've been looking around and I'm just amazed out how many neat ideas are out there.
Here is one I think I'm going to use for Macie's room. Nick can build the headboard and once I pick out her new bedding and colors I'll decide what fabric I'll buy for it.

And, here are a few I really like and will keep in mind for the future.


Mari said...

Those are all cute! The bookcase one is a neat idea - I know how many things girls like to collect and that would give a place to put them!

A Day in My Life said...

Love them!